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Colleges and universities are under a considerable amount of pressure to keep campuses safe by disciplining students accused of rape, sexual assault, harassment and other forms of sexual misconduct. Wyde & Stone Law helps students and their families to deal with Title IX-related disciplinary actions brought by a school. Each institution has its own policies and procedures, and our informed attorneys skillfully identify and utilize the students’ rights and protections available to our clients. We take on cases in Dallas and Texas.

Knowledgeable Texas counselors work to ensure fair disciplinary hearings

Claims of rape, dating violence, stalking, harassment or other sexual misconduct can ruin a student’s life, resulting in expulsion, social isolation, emotional turmoil and publicity that exists forever online.

Each student deserves fair and equal treatment under Title IX. However, the burden of proof that university disciplinary boards require is often less than that required in a criminal case, so boards can issue disciplinary verdicts even when they cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt that sexual harassment or assault occurred.

We work to ensure that disciplinary boards do not disregard the rights of the accused in favor of siding with the accuser. Our attorneys strive to enforce a fair and thorough investigation of claims that fully considers both sides of the story as well as all relevant evidence. We may also collect additional evidence and testimony in support of your case.

Determined attorneys appeal Title IX rulings

When a disciplinary board finds a student guilty of violating its code of conduct and causing a Title IX violation, severe penalties are often applied. These may include:

  • Expulsion
  • Suspension
  • Probation
  • Loss of scholarship
  • Mandatory counseling or sensitivity training
  • Mandatory mental health assessment
  • Housing bans
  • Bans from certain parts of campus
  • Bans from events
  • Cease-contact order
  • Educational assignments
  • Loss of privileges
  • Restitution order

Under federal guidelines, any disciplinary actions must be proportionate to the alleged violation. If you have been expelled or otherwise sanctioned for a violation you did not commit, or if your punishment is excessive, the lawyers at Wyde & Stone Law can help you with the appropriate appeals process.

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Students accused of Title IX sexual misconduct violations have the right to fair proceedings. The attorneys at Wyde & Stone Law advise clients on disciplinary hearings and appeals and strive to protect their rights to a fair and safe education. Call us at 214-521-9100 or contact us online to schedule your free initial consultation at our Dallas office.